Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Reflections (pre-departure note)

First of all thank you for taking the time to not only help support me but to READ A BLOG haha! I am not an avid blog reader myself but I want everyone who desires to keep up with my trip to know what is going on!

I am only 2.5 days away from a 26 hour journey through Chicago and Istanbul to Entebbe Uganda. This will be followed by a short night of sleep and another 6 hour drive up to Gulu (Northern District in Uganda) arriving just in time for a new years celebration that I'm sure will be "epic".

Some thoughts before I leave:
* I'm soooo sad that Kristen will not be there with me. My partner in crime and one of my best girlfriends could not make it to Uganda due to the weather in London where she was supposed to fly though. She made the smart choice to postpone her trip but I'm still so heartbroken for her. I have no words to comfort her and I'm sure there will be some tears as we meet up tonight so she can give me all the items she lovingly purchased for the women and children of The Zion Project. Kristen your blessings will be felt next week even if your actual embrace is delayed a few months.

* Donations came from unexpected places and people who I know looked deeply in their hearts and even deeper in their wallets. I can't express how much the notes and emails have helped me know I am on the right path. A special thanks to my sweet boyfriend JB who has been my biggest fan and believes in me sometimes more than I do in myself!

* Random: Today I practiced wrapping a head scarf that my sister gave me for Christmas. This is going to be helpful because during the dry season, the place I'm staying pretty much just has a bucket outside....aka no showers for me while in the North. :)

For all you late-birds who were too busy before the holidays, it is not too late to donate and your money will go directly into supporting the programs of the women and children at The Zion Project. You can use the ChipIn widget below to make a secure online donation!

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