Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I need your support:

Dear Friends and Family,
As many of you already know I have been involved in humanitarian relief efforts for the country of Uganda for over four years. In 2008 I made a life changing journey to work on the ground in Northern Uganda. During my trip I was able to provide medical first aid and basic antibiotics in a refugee camp, encourage women who were imprisoned, visit several orphanages to play with the children and most importantly come along side a community in need and show my solidarity with them as another human being.

After returning to the U.S., I could not wait to go back to Africa. I had the overwhelming sense that it had become my second home. In order to achieve my goals I quickly changed my major in University to International Studies with an emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. The passion I hold for Africa runs deep in my soul now. It is a part of me and it is a part of anyone who is close to me.

I have yearned to get back to Uganda for two and a half years now. I’m so happy to be writing you this letter that is announcing my return this upcoming January! I will be working in the Northern region with an amazing grassroots organization called The Zion Project ( They are an organization that has set up group homes for girls that were formerly abducted by the rebel army who has tortured the region for over 20 years. Often times these women have escaped the atrocities of war only to realize that their villages will not allow them to return due to cultural taboos of girls who have been raped in the “bush”. They often turn to prostitution and have little or no knowledge of how to raise the children they have as a result. The Zion Project takes these women in, gives them food and shelter, and teaches them life skills that they need in order to escape the sex trade and raise their children. I’m honored to have been accepted to work with them for a three week period and bring words of encouragement as well as school and medical supplies to their group homes.

A journey of this magnitude requires lots of help! As you may have guessed, this is where you come in. I have a financial goal of $3,000 for my entire trip. This includes a very pricey plane ticket, school and medical supplies for the women, as well as my transportation, lodging and food while in the country. Not all of us can physically GO to Uganda, but what you can do is be a part of the journey! I hope this holiday season you can find it in your heart to donate to my trip. I cannot do anything without your generosity!

You can donate directly on this website via "Chip-In". It is safe a secure through PayPal.

Peace be with you,

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