Monday, December 27, 2010

Pre-Departure Note (part 2)

Dear Friends and Family, 12/27/2010

The time has come for me to depart once again to Uganda in East Africa. Many of you know I have been yearning to return to Uganda for over two years now. I am both extremely excited and also a bit nervous. This will be my first time going to Africa where I have planned the logistics of my entire trip by myself. With this comes exciting freedom but also a large responsibility.
My Itinerary:
Dec. 28th: Depart from LAX @ 1pm and fly through Chicago and Istanbul to Uganda.
Dec. 30th: Arrive at 2am in Entebbe (Kampala Uganda)
Dec. 31st: Head up to the Northern war torn district of Gulu and celebrate ringing in 2011 with the Acholi people!
Dec. 31st-Jan. 15th: Volunteering for The Zion Project. Helping out in the women’s counseling center. Teaching and tutoring at the children’s home. Community outreach in the “red light” district. (There will be much more during this time but I’m not exactly sure what will be going on day to day).
Jan. 15th-16th: Return to Kampala and visit my friends and Africa Renewal Ministries Headquarters at Ggaba Community Church.
Jan. 17th-19th: Volunteering with my friend Jonathan Sewava with Unreached Africa. We will be visiting remote villages and delivering mosquito nets for malaria prevention that we purchased in Uganda.
Jan. 20th: Depart from Entebbe at 3am and arrive the “same day” in LAX at 8pm. 
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Specifically for my health while in the country.
I want to thank EVERYONE who donated to my trip and to The Zion Project. If you donated through St. Andrew UMC, I do not know who you are because they have chosen to keep this anonymous so my apologies if you did not receive a personal Thank You note from me! You have helped me raise about $2,600 of my $3,000 goal!! I got a great deal on my plane tickets so more of the funds can go directly to The Zion Project. I would also like to thank those who have given me their kind words of encouragement as I gear up for the trip. Those words also carry their weight in gold in my heart.
If you would like to follow along with me during my time in Uganda you can visit my blog at You can also make any last minute donations on this site and the funds will get to The Zion Project.
Peace be with You

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